Commercial Propane

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According to the Canadian Propane Association, propane makes up 2.3% of total energy consumption and 45.7% of Canada’s propane use occurs in Ontario. Additionally, 41,912 commercial, industrial and agricultural facilities use propane as a primary energy source.

Propane is an economical, environmentally friendly and a reliable heat source. Here in Canada, it is readily available and is an excellent source of heat.

What is Propane?

Propane has been around for over a hundred years! It was first discovered in 1910, patented by 1913 and was being used in millions of homes in the United States by the 1920s. Today, propane is widely used as a fuel for central heating, barbecuing, engines and portable stoves.

Propane is a gas and is a byproduct of petroleum refining and natural gas processing.

In its natural state, propane is a transparent, odourless, non-toxic liquid. Once it changes from liquid to gas, it appears as bubbles. Propane has an odourant added called Ethyl Mercaptan once it’s in gas form for easy detection. Propane is non-toxic and it is not poisonous, so breathing in propane won’t harm you.

Temperature has a direct correlation to the pressure in a propane cylinder, so propane tanks are never filled to capacity. If the temperature outside is 5 degrees, the propane inside a cylinder or tank will be 5 degrees. If the temperature outside increases, it can force the propane to expand and take up space inside the tank, so appropriate measures are taken to not fill the tank to 100% capacity.

Where is Propane Used?

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians use propane in multiple industries. Propane is used in homes, in agriculture, plus the industrial and the auto industry.

In homes:

  • Fireplaces
  • Heating air and water
  • Fridges and dryers
  • Pool heaters
  • Generators

In Agriculture:

  • Grain drying
  • Barn and greenhouse heating

In Commercial Settings:

  • Mining operations
  • Construction
  • Powering Forklifts
  • Powering large facilities that require a lot of energy
  • Commercial dryers

Using propane in your business is an effective way of saving money, along with many other benefits.

Do you Need Commercial Propane for Your Business?

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Why Would Your Business Make the Switch to Propane?

1.    It’s Environmentally Friendly

A significant advantage to using propane is that it is much more environmentally friendly than other available fuels. Propane has low emissions of carbon monoxide and is 95% efficient. As it is commonly used in the auto industry to fuel vehicles, buses and trucks, it results in the production of fewer harmful emissions. Propane is nontoxic and soluble in water and does not leave any environmentally damaging residues. Its greenhouse gas and particulate emissions are significantly lower than gasoline, diesel and heating oils.

2.    It Lasts Longer

Appliances and other equipment that run on propane don’t require much maintenance and have an extended lifespan.

3.    It’s Cost-effective

Propane saves business owners money, as it is less subject to the price spikes of oil.

4.    It’s Safe

Propane is safe for your business because it is toxin and lead free and is made up of low sulfur levels. Propane also has the lowest flammability range of all alternative fuels.

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