The top of a propane gas tank

Commercial propane gas suppliers have long been seen as the obvious choice when it comes to making life easier for companies on a tight budget. If you don’t know much about propane gas, you might not know why companies and homeowners are switching to propane gas.

Why switch to propane gas? There are many benefits that are tremendous if you are converting from traditional fuel to this more efficient alternative. This article will discuss what propane gas is, who it’s used by and why companies are making the change to this cleaner and greener fuel source.

Propane Gas, What is it?

Propane is a type of gas that is a byproduct of petroleum refining and natural gas processing. It has been around for over a hundred years and has been used in homes and businesses since then. In its pure form, propane gas is colourless and odourless. Since it is odourless, a scent is added to it, making it easy to detect leaks.

There are several ways of storing propane gas. The best way to keep it is in steel containers, which allow the gas to remain liquid but prevent it from rising into the air. You can also pour the liquid into steel vessels with a funnel and leave it to settle down into the container with relatively low pressure.

Who is it Used By?

Many different people use propane gas as it’s perfect for businesses, homeowners, and farmers. It is a versatile fuel source as it can be used for lighting, heating and running engines. Listed below are the different types of uses for propane gas.

  • Generators
  • Fireplaces
  • Heating air and water
  • Fridges and dryers
  • Pool Heaters
  • Barn and greenhouse heating
  • Powering large facilities
  • Powering Forklifts
  • Construction
  • Mining operations

Why Companies are Switching to Propane Gas

When it comes to propane gas, there are three significant benefits. Let’s go through each of them in detail, so you have a good understanding of why so many people are switching to propane gas.

It’s Safe

Propane gas is one of the safest options as it has no toxins or lead and is created from low sulphur levels. Meaning that it burns cleaner than your regular gasoline does, so it doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases, which makes it a clean energy source and the safest fossil fuel.

It’s Cost-Effective

Propane gas costs do not fluctuate as much as natural gas, which can save your company money, but that’s not the only reason. Propane gas is also a more efficient fuel, meaning that you don’t have to buy it as often as you would natural gas, saving you money in the long run.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Propane gas has low carbon monoxide emissions, making it environmentally friendly, and now that it’s more commonly used, it can help reduce the amount of harmful emissions. Not only that, but because it’s also non-toxic and soluble in water, this means that it doesn’t leave any environmentally damaging residues.

These three benefits are why so many companies are making the switch to propane gas. If you are interested, contact Roma Fuels today for more information.