Owning a fleet comes with a long list of responsibilities and maintenance factors to monitor and keep up on. You probably know that performance and efficiency are directly related to proper and timely maintenance and that oils and lubricants are a big piece. However it’s commonly misunderstood that there buy testosterone gel in australia carbohydrate are multiple lubricants used in vehicles small and large. The difference between gear oil and engine oil is critical to understand to properly maintain a fleet.

Gear Oil

While it is possible to cheap out in many areas of fleet maintenance (and is never recommended), one area you definitely never want to cut costs in is on gear oil. For those who may not be familiar; gear oil is a lubricating oil specifically designed to lubricate transmission, differentials and transfer cases. High quality gear oil lubricates, cools and protects geared systems by moving away damaged wear debris from gear contact points. Quality gear oil can actually suppress the level of noise made by gearboxes.

Gear oil is often mixed with additives to protect the internals of the gearbox. Such additives can include;

  • Rust & corrosion inhibitors
  • Oxidation inhibitors
  • Anti-foam agents
  • Pour-point depressants
  • Pressure and anti-wear agents

Engine Oil

In addition to gear oil, engines also require engine oil. Engine oil is used to lubricate other components in the engine such as fuel pumps, bearings and any other moving parts within the engine. Motor oil also  includes additives designed to neutralize acids and chemicals left behind by fuels and oxidation. Engine cooling and the seals of the piston rings are also impacted by engine oil. This is another lubricant to avoid cutting costs on.

Additives can also be found in engine oil to reduce rust and corrosion, stabilize oil and modify viscosity. Additives are added to reduce engine wear and, in some cases, improve fuel economy.

Regular Maintenance

Whether looking at engine oil or gear oil it is critical to use product that is equivalent to the spec set out by the OEM of the equipment being maintained. It is often difficult for many fleet managers to ensure that their fleet is receiving the care it needs, and engine and gear oil are likely not at the top of anyone’s mind at the job site. Roma Fuels maintains a wide range and stock of lubricants including engine, gear, hydraulic, aviation and specialty oils.

We’re here to make sure your fleet gets the care it needs and deserves with the highest quality product. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep your fleet in tip top shape.