The Benefits of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

Several industries in the Greater Toronto Area rely on Roma Fuels for fuel and motor oil. They provide lubricants from Shell, Quaker State, and Pennzoil to the building industry, farm and industrial activities, and fleet refueling. You can rely on prompt, efficient, and high-quality service at any time. Our highly qualified team is available 24/7 to satisfy your needs, whether it’s construction refueling and on-site delivery, fleet fueling, above-ground storage tanks, generator tanks, and delivery, or Trans cube. Although our services are designed to prevent repair costs, our customers will benefit from increased productivity. Consider turning to Roma Fuels if you want to cut costs and increase the efficiency of your daily operations!

Moreover, Roma has introduced a new Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in its list of products and services in which mainly Nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases are broken down into nitrogen and water. NOx emissions are toxic chemicals that are one of the primary sources of air pollution, as well as acid rain and an increasing greenhouse effect. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of DEF.

Less pollution

The main reason selective catalytic reduction was introduced was to help the environment. Diesel has been known to emit poisonous NOx emissions, typically blamed for causing acid rain and the greenhouse effect. This is significantly more environmentally beneficial because DEF converts emissions into nitrogen and water.

It’s environmentally friendly

Protecting the environment when we can is crucial these days. DEF is an environmentally friendly option because it turns harmful emissions into nitrogen and water. Diesel, on the other hand, emits poisonous NOx emissions, which is known for causing acid rain and causing the greenhouse effect.

Reduced maintenance

Engines with SCR technology have less wear and tear on their vehicles than engines without, which means less maintenance is required. Reduced maintenance also reduces the likelihood of your vehicle breaking down.

Moreover, Great advances can be used to decrease harmful pollutants with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. Catalytic converters and particle filters can be used to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions by almost 100%. Because ULSD fuel allows cleaner technology diesel engines and automobiles with modern emission control equipment to be used, air quality is greatly improved. When the current heavy-duty vehicle fleet is replaced in 2030, annual emission reductions will be equivalent to removing pollutants from more than 90% of today’s trucks and buses.

Another product that Roma Fuel offers is High octane fuel (gasoline or petrol). It is another term for premium fuel. Because high octane fuel does not burn prematurely, it is generally utilized in high-performance engines like turbocharged cars. However, many car owners choose high octane fuel for usage in their non-turbo automobiles.

Greater engines require premium gasoline and the idea that high-octane fuel offers more power arose. However, it is the engine’s “state-of-tune,” which includes a variety of mechanical design aspects that gives the extra power. When these elements are tuned to create more power, the risk of engine knocks rises, forcing the use of premium fuel to avoid engine damage and a hefty auto repair expense.

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