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How to Prepare Your Ontario Home For Propane Delivery Service?

With the coming of the winter months, not only do propane deliveries grow in proportion to the cold weather but so do the dangers that our delivery crew faces. Things like ice, snow squalls, and other debris might make it difficult to access your gas valve. Even in the harshest weather conditions, our dedicated team at Roma Fuels ensures that your fuel reaches you, but we can’t do it without your help!

We’ve gathered 6 important things you can do and prepare to help us get to your propane valve efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, safely.

  1. Examine the door to see if it is open. Please make sure the gate is open or that someone is accessible to let our delivery crew in if they need to access and fill your propane tank through a fence.
  2. Make sure that your pets are all secured on the premises. We want the best for our employees as well as your cherished pets! Please keep them safe and secure so that they do not escape or obstruct your propane supply!
  3. Availability is key. If our staff needs you in an emergency or has questions, please be nearby or at least available for a short phone call so that we can get to the bottom of the problem. With your support and explanations, we will be able o resolve the issue in no time.
  4. Clear your driveway using a shovel and a de-icer. If our crew needs to access your driveway to fill your propane tank, please clear any snow and put some salt down to de-ice the area before they arrive. Also, keep in mind that our gasoline trucks are significantly larger than your automobile, so keep that in mind when cleaning.
  5. Make sure there’s no obstruction in the way of your propane valve. This is the most crucial suggestion of all! The path to your propane tank might be blocked by trees, branches, overgrown vegetation, ice, and snow. Filling your tank can become incredibly tough due to this.
  6. Make a note of the fill valve. If you set a flag at the fill valve that is tall enough to be seen in thick snow, it will be quite useful to our staff. They’ll be able to determine the path they’ll need to follow to the valve once they arrive.

Propane is a low-cost, environmentally friendly fuel that can be used to heat your house, operate your grill, and perform a number of other jobs. Using a propane delivery service rather than purchasing a new tank every time you run out of fuel is significantly more cost-effective. Roma has been supplying Canadians with fuel since 1968. To learn more, call 1-877-656-4189 or send us an email.