Spring is officially here and summer is just around the corner!

As such, many of us are eager to get outside to garden and get some yard work done around our homes.

Before you get out your leaf blower or your lawn mower (or if you’re thinking about buying one this year), let’s talk about small engines.

Here’s a few tips to maintain your lawn equipment for the spring and summer.


Consult The Owner’s Manual

While your owner’s manual may sit on a bookshelf gathering dust, it’s best to read it through for proper maintenance tips. Maintenance procedures often vary depending on the make and model of your equipment.


Store Your Equipment Properly

If you’ve owned your lawn equipment for quite some time, you likely have an appropriate spot for it, such as in your garage or in your shed. Storing your equipment in a dry, protected area is best to extend the longevity and the use of your equipment. Never store it near a furnace, water heater or any appliance with a pilot light for safety reasons.


Use New Fuel And Oil

Before you put your lawn equipment away for the winter, hopefully you drained the fuel out of the tank. If you didn’t, not to worry. You can drain it now and fill it back up with fresh fuel.

Gas that has been sitting for more than 30 days becomes stale. Stale fuel can cause engine damage from acid and gum deposits forming in the fuel system or the carburetor. To ensure you’re putting in pure fuel, use a fuel additive to avoid future fuel problems. It also helps your engine run better!

Additionally, oil should be changed at least once a year. Drain the oil that remains in the tank (if it hasn’t already been removed) and then refill it as per the owner’s manual instructions.


Sharpen The Blades (If Applicable)

Before you cut the grass or trim shrubbery, make sure the blades are sharp. Dull blades will not only harm your lawn but they’ll also make your lawn mower work harder, which will decrease the life of your equipment. If you feel uncomfortable sharpening the blades on your own, consult a professional.


Make Sure The Engine Is Clean

This is also something you may have done before storing it away for the winter. If not, pop the top off and give the area a good cleaning. Get rid of any built up dirt or gunk that has built up over the past year. Also, make sure the fans are clean to ensure it runs efficiently.


Always Use The Recommended Type of Fuel

Using the correct fuel is essential and it varies depending on what kind of equipment you’re using. For example, your lawn mower will use a different kind of fuel than your chainsaw. Using the proper fuel significantly impacts the longevity and the performance of your equipment.

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