Why Your Commercial Facility Needs Backup Power

Should an emergency circumstance take place, is your commercial building equipped with a backup plan? This summer has already brought on some serious wind and rainstorms; what would happen if your building lost power due to a weather event? If your commercial facility is like many, you may not have the proper means in place to work through a power failure. In fact, many commercial facilities lack enough backup power that would be necessary to keep the facility operating successfully in the event of a total power failure.

Now is the time to evaluate your commercial facility and decide what steps are needed to guarantee your facility has access to the emergency generator power it might need should it experience a significant power outage. Many power outages such as those that stem from national grids are not foreseeable. It’s important to realize that these power grid failures can erupt seemingly out of nowhere, and could even take place in short intervals. While not quite as common, entire blackouts do still occur here and there, and when they take place they can last for an extensive time frame; forcibly shutting down your facility. This is not good news for your bottom line and for your employees who rely on consistent work for their livelihood.

backup power generator

Power Outages are Occurring More Regularly

Unexpected mishaps, usually on power lines and wires, are what lead to most power outages and blackouts. Severe weather can take down entire sections of a grid power system. Not only that, but operational mishandling and control errors can lead to shutdowns, and even trees falling can contribute to unplanned chaos.

Preparation is Key Against Power Outages in Your Commercial Facility

Even thinking about the possibility of a power outage can be intimidating for commercial facility owners and can lead to a ‘it won’t happen to me’ type outlook. It’s important to remember however, there is a very real possibility of a total power failure – either as a result of natural disaster, a man-made disaster, or a blackout. Preparation should happen now, before an emergency takes place. When you make proactive decisions to protect your commercial facility, you can have peace of mind in knowing you are well-prepared should an unexpected power failure take place and that is worth so much.


Turn to Backup Power

Regardless of the type of facility you manage (manufacturing plant, agricultural operation, processing facility, commercial building, etc.) for your peace of mind and benefit, you should have a detailed plan in place for dealing with such things as power outages – this goes for short term and extended power outages that can sometimes take place.

If you have not done any planning now is the time to take a close look at your infrastructure and current environment, here are a few key points to note:

  • Turn to a Generator – At the very least, you should have a backup power generator that is large enough to provide power to your important systems.
  • Generator Maintenance – Many businesses will purchase a generator but completely forget to make maintenance a priority; ensuring everything remains operational and functions when it’s needed most. Your best bet is to run our generator periodically to keep it operating successfully. When any engine sits idle for an extended period, it typically will die or have problems starting.
  • Fuel Management Planning – This is an imperative step for successful planning. Knowing how long your current fuel storage will allow you to operate should be the first step. Refuelling and knowing how you will obtain fuel during a prolonged power outage is also necessary. What will you do if natural gas lines are down or a fuel delivery truck can’t get to your location? Is your generator installed to operate in a flooded environment as well? These are just some examples of the types of questions you need to run through to be fully prepared.

With power being an essential component for the operation of the vast majority of businesses, the question simply isn’t “will” a failure take place, but “when”. If you’d like to discuss with us more details about our generator tanks and generator refueling, emergency services, please  reach out to the team at Roma Fuels. We are happy to speak to you more about this topic and answer any questions you might have.