The Roma Fuels Family – Proudly Canadian Fuel Distributor

A local fuel distributor and engine oil supplier in Ontario, Roma Fuels is a Canadian family owned business since 1968. We are proud of our heritage which spans more than four decades, built on a tradition of great customer service.

Roma’s humble beginnings began as a heating oil distributor to residential customers and eventually moved into providing commercial diesel to industrial customers.

Having been successful in its initial endeavors, fueled by exemplary customer satisfaction, Roma expanded into the commercial petroleum market as well as the sale and service of heating & cooling products.

Roma Fuels Fleet Refueling Trucks

Roma Fuels has grown to become a major independent fuel and engine oil supplier and distributor in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Roma Fuels is a proud authorized supplier of Shell, Quaker State and Pennzoil lubricants  servicing the construction industry, refuelling for fleets, farm and industrial operations.

Roma Fuels is a local company you can trust. We are reliable, timely and customer centric allowing you to improve the operating efficiency of your equipment and your ROI.

Roma Fuels is also about safety first. Our compliance certifications are very well maintained and we are completely committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of employees, contractors, the public and our planet.

Our facilities and equipment are meticulously maintained and comply with all current established regulations relating to the delivery of fuels and lubricants. Our staff is fully trained and licensed in the proper handling of fuel and what actions to take in case of emergency.

Roma Fuels is proud of its long-standing relationships with its hundreds of loyal customers in Ontario. Your success is our business.

First time customers choosing our reliable refuelling services will be rewarded with a free case of premium Shell Oil.

What’s NEW To Roma Fuels list of Products and Services?

DEF: Diesel Exhaust Fluid ‐ Now A Must for your fleet! Meet your emissions standards. Spray DEF into your exhaust system of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. Available in jugs, drums and bulk.

Buy or Rent Temporary Fuel Storage Cubes | Transcube 

Transcube is a quick and easy back-up plan for on-site construction operations and film productions.