Wheel to Wheel Refueling

Roma Fuels Fleet Refueling Trucks

Since 1968, Roma Fuels has been a trusted and reliable source of fuel delivery services in the local community. We take pride in offering personalized care that larger organizations are simply unable to provide. Our commitment to quality service ensures Fleet Managers and their teams receive prompt deliveries every time.

At Roma Fuels, we understand the importance of quick and reliable delivery for your fleet. That’s why our wheel to wheel refueling service is designed to ensure that you get the fuel you need when you need it most. Our professional drivers are certified and trained to provide quality service while keeping your environment safe.

Our Wheel to Wheel Refueling Service offers:

• Convenient refueling with no offloading or storage required
On-site fueling at any location
• Professional and experienced drivers who take safety seriously
• Competitive rates that help keep costs down
• Timely deliveries so there is no disruption in operations

What kinds of fleets do we support?

  • Buses
  • Transport
  • Cement
  • Gravel
  • Food Distribution
  • Industrial

First time wheel to wheel refueling customers can try out our reliable refueling services and we’ll reward you with a free case of premium Shell Rotella TP Oil.

Claim your free case.

Saving You Money

Roma Fuels understands the importance of controlling costs and reducing waste when it comes to fuel consumption. That’s why our wheel to wheel refueling service is designed to help you maximize your savings while increasing productivity. Our experienced professionals are here to provide you with a detailed analysis of each truck in your fleet so that you can better understand how efficiently fuel resources are being consumed. In addition, our services are designed to help you save on labor costs, reduce idling time, and maximize fuel efficiency.

We strive to save you money and give you excellent customer service with our time and motion studies. Fuel costs are a major expense in fleet operations, so we work to reduce wastage while increasing your profits. We’ve been in the business for half a century; let Roma Fuels show you how wheel to wheel refueling program can benefit your enterprise now! Contact us today.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Roma’s Total Fuel Fueling Management Service delivers these benefits through the intelligent application of effective electronics and information.

2. We provide fleet fueling service direct to your location – utilizing state-of-the-art systems and technology.

3. Roma provides an analysis for each truck – a detailed report allowing you to understand just how efficiently your fuel resources are being consumed.

4. When you have a schedule in mind you’ll have your delivery on time, not excuses.