The Trans Cube | Rent or Buy Temporary Fuel Storage Cubes


Have you ever thought about having your temporary fuel storage management all together in one simple solution?

Now it’s possible with Trans Cube.

The Trans Cube TCG is a transportable above ground double walled TDG/ULC approved mobile fuel storage tank specifically designed to provide on-demand fuel supply for construction sites and standby generators.

The Transcube goes beyond simply being a mobile tank that holds fuel. The fuel storage cube delivers flexibility and peace of mind to the storage and transportation of fuel onsite.

By moving your Transcube on-site, your construction team will be ready to start work on arrival, without having to wait for fuel delivery.  The Transcube is a temporary fuel cube that can also be “quick-connected” directly to 3 diesel generator engines while also being capable of filling on-site equipment dispensed by a manual or electric pump.

Inquire about our full line of Transcube products.  Roma Fuels offers monthly rental and purchase option programs. Your Transcube can be delivered already loaded with fuel.

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