Wet Hose Fueling

Wet hose fueling is frequently seen in industries that utilize heavy machinery and a lot of fuel, such as construction and agriculture industries.

Commonly referred to as wet hosing, direct fueling, on-site mobile fueling or fleet refueling, wet hose fueling saves time. Tank trucks are dispatched to your location to refuel your trucks or machines. Rather than your employee completing this task during the day and wasting time, our trained experts refuel your fleet during off hours so that, when you arrive the next day, your fleet is ready to go!

Wet hose fueling has become a popular choice for those who operate large vehicles and equipment. Roma Fuels offers wet hose fueling services to those in the Greater Toronto area. As always, we ensure that your fuel arrives quickly and on-time.

In House Versus Wet Hose Fueling Services: How to Choose?

The main difference between wet hose fueling and in house fueling is:

  1. How much involvement you want in the fueling process
  2. Whether you store fuel and lubricants on site

With wet hosing, you won’t have to worry about fueling equipment, spills or mistakenly choosing the incorrect oil. Our trained professionals come to you to top up your vehicles or equipment during off hours to avoid hindering productivity.

In the construction and agricultural industry, it’s common to find on site fueling tanks and lubricants to top up your fleet and equipment when necessary.

It’s understandable. It’s convenient and readily available, but there are some disadvantages. Storing on site fueling tanks requires insurance and could pose some liability concerns. Wet hosing eliminates the added storage, liability and stress.

Is Wet Hosing Right For You?

Wet hosing is a viable option for those in the construction and agricultural industry. Here’s why:

Improve Productivity

At Roma Fuels, we fuel your productivity. Halting projects to refuel wastes valuable time. With wet hosing, fueling is usually completed during off hours when the vehicles or equipment is no longer in use. You will never have to worry about sending someone out to refuel your fleet or stopping work to refuel again. You come into work and your equipment is ready to go!

It Saves Time

Using a fleet management system is imperative when running a large construction or agriculture project. You will never have to worry about sending someone out to refuel your fleet or stopping work to refuel again. Wet hosing is not only convenient, but it saves you time as well!

Reduce Liability and Increase Safety

Storing on site fueling tanks and lubricants can be convenient, but they can also pose some risks, like theft or safety concerns. Choosing wet hosing removes the possibility of stolen oils and lubricants and is safer for your employees. We dispatch trained professionals who understand the importance of following safety protocols. We know the proper fuel, oils and lubricants to use. From spills to oil leaks, we’ve seen it all. We can handle the job so your team can concentrate on what they do best.

Why Choose Roma Fuels?

There are a lot of reasons to choose us as your trusted wet hose fueling supplier. Here’s a few:

We Have Over 50 Years of Experience

Roma Fuels has been a family owned business since 1968. Built on providing exceptional customer service, we’re a proud fuel and engine oil supplier to customers in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). We’ve helped customers in construction and agricultural industries.

Increasing Productivity is Our Motto

Our motto is: “Fueling your productivity.”

Your success is our business. Stopping production to refuel in a non-stop industry like construction or agriculture wastes valuable time. We make sure your fleet and equipment is ready to go!

We Save You Money

We have had hundreds of return customers over the years and we are built on customer loyalty. First time customers are rewarded with a free case of premium Shell oil.

You Can Count On Us

Being in business for over 50 years, we understand the importance of reliability and trust. Our core values are built on providing exceptional customer service, as well as delivering our services on time. Timeliness is important. You have deadlines to meet. We make sure our trained professionals are on time so that you can get the job done.

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