Fleet Fueling and On-Site Delivery Services in York

Roma Fuels is a leading supplier of fuel and engine oil, serving several industries within the York area. Whether you are looking for construction refueling & on-site delivery solutions, fleet fueling, above ground storage tanks, generator tanks & delivery, or trans cube, our supportive and friendly staff supply convenient services 24/7 to meet the needs of your budget and schedule.

The Roma Fuels team will provide services appropriate to your unique needs. We’ll work with you to help you lower equipment downtime while striving to improve your bottom line. As a customer, you will benefit from an immediate increase in productivity levels and will appreciate that our services keep your operations working as they should be – entirely hassle-free

If you are looking to lower your internal costs and focus on improving your day-to-day business operations, you will benefit from choosing Roma Fuels as a trusted fuel supplier. We promise our clients the best products and services in the industry; York customers will receive the best grade products available, from an industry leader. We take pride in delivering on-time and we stand by our word that clients will receive fuel delivery in a timely manner with each and every service appointment.

Available Fuels:

  • Ultra Low Sulphur Clear Diesel
  • Ultra Low Sulphur Dyed Diesel
  • # 2 Fuel Oil Diesel Marked (Heating Oil)
  • Stove Oil
  • Premium Gasoline
  • Mid-Grade Gasoline
  • Regular Gasoline

Various Engine Oils & Lubricants

At Roma Fuels, clients have the option of Shell, Quaker State or Pennzoil lubricants for construction farming, industrial operations and refueling for fleets. Engine oils and lubricants are also available and used for the following:

  • Industrial Lubricants
  • Lubricants for Construction Equipment
  • Automotive engine oils
  • Fleet engine oils
  • Commercial engine oils

Construction Refueling & On-Site Delivery in York

We are a leading refueling business in the industry, and have assisted various construction companies in and around the York region. Our refueling options assist tremendously in clients’ efficiency levels. If you are in need of construction refueling & on-site delivery possibilities, our on-site refueling services are ideal for construction machinery, rental construction equipment, storage tanks, fuel cubes, fuel cells, generators to power construction sites, and more. If you are ever faced with a situation where it is imperative you receive refueling, our on-site fueling process can be carried out entirely at your York construction site. You can trust in our reliable team to deliver product immediately, guaranteeing that you are properly prepared. Roma Fuels supplies refueling of your entire construction site, such as refueling for:

  • Construction machinery
  • Rental construction equipment
  • Aboveground storage tanks (must meet TSSA regulations)
  • Fuel cubes, mobile storage tanks, fuel cells, temporary storage tanks
  • Generators for powering construction sites in and around York

We are entirely committed to our clients and aim to deliver superior service to every customer we have the pleasure of working with. Hiring Roma Fuels provides you with the following:

  • Flexible Schedule: If immediate delivery is necessary, simply contact us with your inquiry and a service provider will be on-site to serve you as quickly as possible. Roma Fuels’ on-site refueling encourages a higher level of productivity among your company; your business will have the ability to streamline its day-to-day processes knowing it has enough fuel on-hand.
  • Enhanced Productivity:It’s a frustrating scenario to witness your operations team standing around because fleet is queued. We’ll make sure your workers have proficient fuel supply so that they can successfully stay on track with their regular schedules.
  • Improved ROI:Our online fuel management system allows you to easily track, improve and increase productivity levels.

Reach out to our expert team about our quality fuel and oil collection. If you’re a part of the construction industry, you’ll quickly realize how your operations will improve with our refueling services. Our team is here to look after the refueling of your fleet, farms, and industrial operations; all provided within the York region.

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