Selecting Backup Generators For Home

One of the fears people have when away on vacation is the nightmare of coming home to find out the power was out for a few days, and the food you’d left in your fridge and freezer has spoiled. There’s also the situation when a big storm rolls in and knocks out the power grid. […]

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Why You Should Switch To Propane In Your Home

Propane, a gas which is typically associated with the wondrous smell of food sizzling on the grill in the backyard, has more diverse usages beyond food prep. While it does work some magic on the grill, expanding the usage of propane in your home will open doors for you (not literally, it’s a gas not […]

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Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

It feels like winter just came out of nowhere doesn’t it?

A few seemingly long weeks ago, we were basking in 17-degree weather and sunshine, feeling thankful for the lovely weather that October gifted us.

Now, not so much.

The snow seems to be here to stay, bringing treacherous roads and harsh temperatures to wreak havoc on your […]

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When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Brakes?

It’s Brake Safety Week in North America, which means two things. The first is that enforcement officials will be conducting roadside inspections from September 15th to the 21st, making sure that vehicles are not driving with critical brake violations. The second is a perfect reminder to make sure that the trucks in your fleet aren’t […]

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Why Your Commercial Facility Needs Backup Power

Why Your Commercial Facility Needs Backup Power
Should an emergency circumstance take place, is your commercial building equipped with a backup plan? This summer has already brought on some serious wind and rainstorms; what would happen if your building lost power due to a weather event? If your commercial facility is like many, you may not […]

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Gas or Diesel: Which Should Your Vehicle Run On?

If you’re in the market for a car, you may have noticed that most passenger vehicles in our market run on gasoline fuel. In fact, gas-powered vehicles are so common that we wouldn’t blame you for not even considering a diesel-powered car!

While the majority of passenger cars are gasoline powered, diesel-powered vehicles are still an […]

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Propane Can Do That!

Did you know that propane is low-emission, affordable and versatile? Propane can do just about anything!

Propane can do that!

Learn More here: www.propane.ca


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Propane in Your Home – LPGday

Propane in for your Home: Did you know propane is clean, efficient and versatile? From water and home heating, to cooking and clothes drying, #propane can do that better and more efficiently than other energy sources.

Learn More here: www.propane.ca


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Auto Propane – #LPGday

There’s a reason why auto #propane is the most popular alternative fuel!

School bus operators, taxis and police fleets are doing it because of lower fuel and maintenance costs, it’s reliable, offers high performance and is a low-emission fuel option!

Learn More here: www.propane.ca


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Propane in Agriculture – #LPGday

‏Propane in Agriculture: Low emission, low cost propane powers today’s high performance farms!

Learn More here: www.propane.ca


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