Do you run and operate a construction or fleet business? What are you currently doing to ensure your equipment is fueled at all times?

While some operations will purchase fuel supplies to have on-site with them at their job location, this requires relying on staff to refuel equipment as it’s required. Unfortunately while it may seem like a convenient option, it is an option that takes away from business productivity as it will only cost you more money in the end.

More and more construction companies are now turning to fuel refueling services for improved management over their equipment and fleet operations. The majority of fleet fueling services, such as Roma Fuels, will use bar code scanning technology to provide business owners with an analysis of their equipment and fleet use. This information includes specifics on how efficiently fuel resources are being consumed.

fleet refueling services

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24/7 Service: At Roma Fuels we want to make sure you are well prepared for the hectic day ahead, by providing equipment service anytime and anywhere you need it. This includes overnight fueling when other fueling companies may be closed for servicing during these hours. Take advantage of the time you save with our refueling services, and address potential issues that need attention before you begin your next workday.

Accurate Product Application: We are specialists in fleet fueling and know exactly what products you should be using for your construction equipment and fleet. We will check that the fuel you use is reliable, efficient and high in quality. Our job is to make sure your equipment performs exactly as it should.

Cost Savings: On-site refueling means your employees won’t waste endless hours re-fueling their equipment, but rather spend their valuable time focusing on their operations. The professionals at Roma Fuels will assist you in determining your most favorable product-purchasing solutions by establishing how much and how regularly your equipment needs fueling. Managing a fleet is no easy task and comes with considerable responsibility. You’re in charge of making sure deliveries arrive in a timely manner, and that customers are happy with the work you’ve completed. Allow us to remove this stress from you.

Avoid Lines: When you sign up for regular fleet and equipment fueling, you no longer need to be concerned with lineups. We deliver refueling services to any location across the GTA and more. Our coverage area is growing!  Should you ever be faced with an emergency situation, we have your back. Your fuel needs are sure to be met.

Easy Access and Fuel Management: When you sign up for our fleet fueling services, you’re automatically given access to an online account that documents all of your deliveries, expenditures and repairs. Monitoring individual driver’s fuel expenses are now in your control. And unlike typical credit cards you will have a lower chance of theft or potential fraud; misuse is reduced

At Roma Fuels, we are pleased to provide reliable refueling services to our clients. You can trust in our on-site refueling services to cut down on wasted time and improve general productivity levels. Optimize your Construction Company and fleet while remaining environmentally safe; choose Roma Fuels as your local fuel supplier.

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